In the compound of the Land & District Office of Lower Perak, there stands two old cannons which was discovered by a local farmer, En.Wan Ali Bin Wan Sulaiman. He had made the discovery sometime in1953, whilst working on his land located yards away from the Mausoleum of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah in Kampung Terengganu. He also uncovered a few cannonballs within the vicinity of his land. The find was reported to the then Muzium authority of Singapore which then indicated that these were possibly made by the British for military use for the British East India Company.

Although no records can be found, it is thought that these cannons might also have been used in the Perak War, which had erupted following the murder of J.W.W Birch. An unnamed source of the Muzium authority of Singapore had said then, that old war cannons such as these were sporadically placed all along the peninsular and were a plenty at that period of time.

Cannons were also used for trade, specifically by the British for tin ore as well as gifts of friendship to local chieftains. According to one report, there were 70 cannons of such type that was used by the British aboard HMS Rinaldo which bombarded Kuala Selangor and eventually led to its occupation.

Yet so, locals believe that the cannons in Teluk Anson belonged to the Admiral Raja Mahkota , who at that time served as the Sultan’s representative of Lower Perak. This was mostly due to the fact that traders of that period were required to pay taxes to the Admiral, and such bigger cannons when placed on shore were strategic enough to overcome the lesser capabilities of the ship mounted lantakas belonging to the merchants and traders. This belief is also due to the fact that the cannons were ‘coupled’ and according to local malay folklore as well as the proximity to the Royal Mausoleum, that it can only be such that it belonged to the late Sultan.


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