Teluk Intan Heritage


Tourists and visitors to Teluk Intan have often lamented the lack of activities apart from the iconic historical landmark, the Leaning Clock Tower or Menara Condong. However, due to the lack of cohesive efforts in the past, not much is known of Teluk Intan except for the national monument and perhaps some very well-known local fare. As such, the objective of this project is to create more activities for visitors with the intention of providing the enrichment of exploring the town’s cultural and historical heritage by formalizing a Heritage Trail.

This project is led by a local group, the Persatuan Pencinta Sejarah Masyarakat Perak in collaboration with Persatuan Pelukis Teluk Intan. The Heritage Trail is a self-guided tour of historical and cultural sites covering many colonial era landmark buildings clustered within a geographic area surrounded by the Menara Condong. The creation of a Heritage Trail refers to a designated trail or route that brings tourists and visitors to appreciate the history, natural and cultural heritage of the area by visiting various heritage sites within the town of Teluk Intan.

Heritage Trail users usually have a brochure with them that shows route maps, stop points for heritage sites and historical information about these locations. Heritage Trail designers would also prepare signposts or a way finding facility along the route in order to enhance trail users experience. The intention is to point visitors to the historical places in town and have them appreciate the past and value the present.

With the full support of a Tourism Committee within the local town council the ‘Teluk Intan Heritage Trail’ intends to complement other Heritage Trails in Malaysia. This local effort aims to lead in community based preservation of cultural and historical heritage spearheaded by local residents. This project is funded by the CIMB Foundation.

"people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like trees without roots"

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